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Crystal Inspiration Frames

Made from recycled wooden frame boxes, and then created into inspirational crystal frames, containing an assortment of positive messages, wooden embellishments, and three specially selected crystals, included a descriptor for each individual crystal.

Product Measurements (Approximately)

Length 10 cm

Width 10 cm

Height 1.5 cm


Green Quartz - Descriptor


Green Quartz is an amazing healing crystal that can make a big impact on your life. With its strong properties and a meaning that’s rooted to the heart, this is a stone that can pretty much help anyone! This crystal is centred around the idea of bringing about a more compassionate heart. It’s also tied to the pursuit of creative inspiration, a greater sense of intuition, or a higher level of spiritual connection.

Healing: Green Quartz is highly prized by practitioners of natural medicine because of its ability to heal a variety of problems associated with both the thymus and thyroid glands. 

If you suffer from chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis or depression, Green Quartz may be able to help you on your path to wellness and better all-around health.

Green Quartz is also used to help detox the body, boost the immune system, cleanse organs, combat nausea and help promote healing in the digestive and circulatory systems.

Chakras: Heart

Smoky Quartz - Descriptor


Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones available. It cleanses and clears the aura and energetic systems, grounding it for reprocessing by the Earth. 

Healing: Smoky Quartz, it is a semi-precious variety of quartz, available from light grey to black colour shades. This crystal has many uses from protection to divination to spiritual growth. It works at the root chakra level, giving strength to the physical body. A natural energy ground, it absorbs the negative energy and offers protection from all forms of negativity and toxins.

Being an irradiated stone, it offers protection against the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

 Chakras: Root

Carnelian - Descriptor


Carnelian enhances and vitalises the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It’s warm, inviting and joyous energy attunes with the inner self helping to open the heart. It helps restore vitality and increase one’s motivation and get up and go. It is great for stimulating creativity. Carnelian is full of life force and gives us courage and vigour to make the right life choices. It helps anchor you in the present reality, aiding concentration and willpower, allowing you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

Healing: Improves quality of the blood, stimulates the metabolism, circulation and blood flow. Aids tissue regeneration, helping the kidneys, lungs, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Helps to overcome abuse.

 Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus & Heart


Acknowledgments: Several online resources were utilised in preparing these crystal descriptors, so many thanks to their valuable and informative information.

Handmade Product Disclaimer

* Please note that all our products are meticulously handmade by master artisans one piece at a time. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from one item to the next. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products, so you may expect minor distinctions that will make your purchase special and truly one of a kind.